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Automower does not go to zone

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Sorry for posting this in English but my french isn't very good.

I was wondering if someone can provide some help here. I have a 315X that I purchased a few weeks ago. I have a somewhat narrow path from where the base is (back yard) to get into the front yard, so decided to set up a zone and split it to 50% of the time by following the guide wire that goes to the middle of that zone. The mower didn't seem to go there on its own, so I decided to increase the number to go to that zone to 100%. The mower still doesn't go there! It stays in the back yard.

Anybody would know why? How do I make it follow the instructions to go to that specific zone?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Geronimo,

I had not tested it and ended up doing it after I saw your response. The distance was fine, but I noticed that I had inadvertently put an obstacle in the path and maybe that contributed to the behavior?! Not sure. I would have thought that the mower would try to find the guide wire again and follow it in case it was taken away for a bit from it due to an obstacle.

Anyway, I will see if in the next session it goes there without issues. I've taken all obstacles out of the way now.


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