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    Solman636 reacted to eljub in Mode d'emploi Husqvarna Automower 315   
    La version 2019 et avec aussi le 315X
    @Fred il faudrait en profiter pour renomme rla section 315/315X ne penses-tu pas ?
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    Solman636 reacted to Paulo in Automower 315X sur environ 400m² de gazon   
    depuis peu, je rencontre une petite difficulté de fonctionnement lié au retour à la base.
    En effet, j'ai remarqué que les cycles de la tondeuse s'allongent avec le temps (en gros, au départ elle tondait 1h, avant d'aller se recharger, et je remarque que ce cycle a légèrement augmenté, elle tond 1h10/1h20 avant de retourner à la base (gazon plus court, elle fatigue moins, etc.)
    Le problème, c'est que ça se téléscope avec la fin de cycle à 21h, ou le passage d'une zone à l'autre (chemin étroit), et la tondeuse se trouve parfois à chercher sa base au beau milieu du chemin étroit avant de chercher le fil guide. J'ai donc des blocages liés à cette envie de "rentrer" au milieu du chemin étroit.
    Je pense que je vais opter pour le fil guide obligatoire pour rentrer (réglage 0 min, donc), afin d'éviter les erreurs (car chercher aléatoirement sur un chemin étroit de 80 cm, c'est la misère). Ca fera peut-être des traces de roues dans le gazon, mais si ça évite les blocages, ça me va.
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    Solman636 got a reaction from Fred in Surge Protection   
    Since there is so much lightning here it was necessary to add a surge protector to protect the charging station from over voltage spikes.    The question was how to protect the most vulnerable boundary wire.   The solution is a product used to protect in-ground dog fences that I found on Amazon.     You see the input wire comes from the garden first to this surge protector and then in same order to the charging station.  Voila!    Of course, it is even better to disconnect all the wires physically, but that is usually not easy or possible, and this product had reviews from people who had solved a problem of lost dog fence transformers for many years with success.   The only problem here is that there is no protection for the guide wire, but 2 out of 3 is better than nothing, and the guide wire is at least connected to the boundary wire.

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    Solman636 got a reaction from Fred in Presentation   
    Thank you for the welcome, Fred.
    It is great to be among the automower aficionados!    Every evening now watching R2 and 3PO mowing in the twilight is now part of my evening meditation.  The sound of their little blades clipping the grass fills me with joy as the sun goes down.   Since they have to mow such a large areas they will be working all night while I sleep.   The automowers are making a great contribution to the environment.   Not only will they save 150 liters of petrol a year and some oil, but they use only renewable solar energy from my roof.    Also my old riding mower like most of them created 40 times as much pollution as a car engine operated for the same 60 hours a year.    I am not sure that even counts the carbon dioxide.    What about all the suffering that has been ended for me having to bounce my old bones around on rough ground for all those hours!    I have only had the robots 2 months, but they have done so much for me and given me a great sense of happiness.     My only worry is security, but they are seldom noticed by the passing motorists who always seem to be looking at their phones while driving anyway.  Every day I see a hundred gardens where the robots could replace another smoking loud riding mower.    It is great that this forum is spreading the wonderful truth about these fabulous machines.   Of course, much of my garden doesn't need mowing, and here are some pictures.   My best wishes to all my fellow automower fans!

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    Solman636 reacted to Gautré in Automower 315X sur environ 400m² de gazon   
    Oui  Paulo   il est normal que le temps de tonte s'allonge un peu. Pour moi la raison est : l'herbe étant coupée à la bonne hauteur, il est plus facile au robot de travailler que les premières journées
    Du beau travail 
    Cordialement  Hervé  
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