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Greetings fellow Automower fans!

My name is John D'Artois living in Florida.  There is one hectare of mowing area in lawn.   Due to devastating hurricanes and the solar on my roof it is wise not to have trees growing too near the house so there is a big lawn.    Currently two Automower 315 robots are mowing about half of it.   Using the ego 21" mower initially I injured my knee so had to rely on the robots.   They are wonderful!    You all know their many virtues.    One of the main advantages is that I built a net zero solar powered house for my one man monastery, and there is surplus solar which now goes to mowing.   No more gas, smells, poison.   Sorry the US is not doing its share in Paris agreement, but I try to follow best practice on my own, at least, until new arrangements for leadership can be made.    I hope my French brothers will accept me and pardon my lack of fluency in my mother's language.  

I have increased the area covered by the the two 315s to  1600 to 1660 m2 each, but they are only working half the time, and I am planning to push the boundary until they do not perform as needed.    My main curiosity is if anyone here has more area than this mowed by the 315 successfully?     

Best wishes to all!   Thanks for having me.


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Hi @Solman636 aka John.

Welcome on board.

I understand you are initially from France ? 

You can see some 315's installation in this forum :


Your garden looks beautiful.

It would be great to have some other pictures :wub:



:c_sideright: Merci aux Supporters de soutenir le forum :c_sideright: Fonctionnement du forum :c_sideright: Mon installation


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Thank you for the welcome, Fred.

It is great to be among the automower aficionados!    Every evening now watching R2 and 3PO mowing in the twilight is now part of my evening meditation.  The sound of their little blades clipping the grass fills me with joy as the sun goes down.   Since they have to mow such a large areas they will be working all night while I sleep.   The automowers are making a great contribution to the environment.   Not only will they save 150 liters of petrol a year and some oil, but they use only renewable solar energy from my roof.    Also my old riding mower like most of them created 40 times as much pollution as a car engine operated for the same 60 hours a year.    I am not sure that even counts the carbon dioxide.    What about all the suffering that has been ended for me having to bounce my old bones around on rough ground for all those hours!    I have only had the robots 2 months, but they have done so much for me and given me a great sense of happiness.     My only worry is security, but they are seldom noticed by the passing motorists who always seem to be looking at their phones while driving anyway.  Every day I see a hundred gardens where the robots could replace another smoking loud riding mower.    It is great that this forum is spreading the wonderful truth about these fabulous machines.   Of course, much of my garden doesn't need mowing, and here are some pictures.   My best wishes to all my fellow automower fans!



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The old monk worked all day moving the charging station from the swampy place under the trees to the zen garden.    Now R2 has a nice place in the zen garden closer to an outlet so he can have more permanent wiring.   A little sore today.   All the digging and repurposing all those old heavy bricks was good exercise!    Now all he needs is the permanent roof.    The green light reminds me of Hal's eye on 2001!




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