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Automower 310 acting strangely

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our Automower 310 has served us very well for the first 3 years of use. This year, however, I notice that something is not OK. It happens that while mowing on smooth and flat surfaces, it detects virtual obstacles that are not there at all. A video of the operation is available at the link. It detects an obstacle in the middle of the grass, moves back, turns and starts mowing in the other direction. Sometimes it mows perfectly normally, without these problems, other times it bumps into apparent obstacles all the time.


I have also noticed that it sometimes has problems following wires; both boundary & guide. Today, while driving along the guide wire back home, he just went off the normal route and lost the wire signal, so that he then had to look for it again.


We haven't had these problems until this year. We have not changed anything on the infrastructure. Could these 2 problems be related? Has anyone encountered this problem before?




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retirez le haut du corps et dévissez les 4 vis qui fixent les 2 supports arrières, ce sont des chevilles en plastique noir qui relient le corps au châssis. Sous ces supports, beaucoup de saleté s'accumule et les aimants qui détectent la collision se détraquent. Il suffit de les nettoyer et de résoudre le problème

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