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Unreliable Husqvana operation - Replacing boundary wire

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Following a heart attack my family "encouraged" me into buying a Automower 420. It was installed by the approved supplier in April 2018 and so far it has been a disaster. Every few weeks I get the flashing light blue and "No Loop Signal" message. 

The problem is not with the mower itself, it's to do with the installation of the boundary wire. This has been repaired and modified by the suppliers at least 3 times and by myself on many more occasions . I live in the country and we are plagued with rabbits. The boundary wire is either not buried properly in places and it is too easy for these creatures to break. 

Because of the number of breaks / repairs I am thinking of replacing 200m of boundary wire along the regulary damaged section.  I am thinking of using 2.5mm stranded earth cable instead of the Husqvana approved green wire. This should be more robust than the green wire. Through the area most prone to rabbit infestation I will put the wire into plastic water pipe to give some extra protection. 

I am thinking of hiring a walk behind concrete cutting machine to make a 150mm deep groove to push the new cable into my lawn. I am open to any other suggestions that you guys might suggest? In any case I'm not going back to the supplier again as I have no confidence that they can fix the problem. I intend to get a permanent solution to this myself. 


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Which wire do you actually use ? This one ? Iyou can use this kind of cable which has a larger diameter.

Put your cable in extra protection is good idea but personally i would not put your cable 150mm deep.

In theory you can go till 200mm but with your protection i will go till 100max 




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Hi Fred 

Thanks for the reply. The wire currently installed is the green one but not sure of the diameter etc. The blue anti-rodent cable would be a better job but expensive and I can probably get away with replacing the most often damaged section. Can I buy the length I need rather than 300m?

I notice the blue cable is a stranded 1.5mm copper cable. What I had originally suggested was 2.5mm stranded earth cable. Is there any technical reason why this would not be suitable - its a lot cheaper. 

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I don't know the shops where you live. But this cable would be available in several shop in my opinion.

No there's no reason that you 2,5mm cable will not fit.

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