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  1. The manual suggests the 315 can handle 1500 m2 plus or minus 20%. Therefore, the maximum with this formula would be 1800 m2. Since I have a VERY large area to mow I have two 315 robots, R2 and 3PO by name. I started off at the normal level and have added more to the area they cover. Today I pushed them up from 1800 m2 to 2300 m2. They were doing a fine job with less and even had a few extra hours they could work so why not find out the maximum limit for coverage? Has anyone tried this experiment? I will report the results, but in the case of my lawn, the grass is a various mi
  2. Gladly. I bought two of them on Amazon at this link: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B000P7NX9S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Since there is so much lightning here it was necessary to add a surge protector to protect the charging station from over voltage spikes. The question was how to protect the most vulnerable boundary wire. The solution is a product used to protect in-ground dog fences that I found on Amazon. You see the input wire comes from the garden first to this surge protector and then in same order to the charging station. Voila! Of course, it is even better to disconnect all the wires physically, but that is usually not easy or possible, and this product had reviews from people who had solve
  4. The old monk worked all day moving the charging station from the swampy place under the trees to the zen garden. Now R2 has a nice place in the zen garden closer to an outlet so he can have more permanent wiring. A little sore today. All the digging and repurposing all those old heavy bricks was good exercise! Now all he needs is the permanent roof. The green light reminds me of Hal's eye on 2001!
  5. Thank you for the welcome, Fred. It is great to be among the automower aficionados! Every evening now watching R2 and 3PO mowing in the twilight is now part of my evening meditation. The sound of their little blades clipping the grass fills me with joy as the sun goes down. Since they have to mow such a large areas they will be working all night while I sleep. The automowers are making a great contribution to the environment. Not only will they save 150 liters of petrol a year and some oil, but they use only renewable solar energy from my roof. Also my old riding mower like m
  6. Greetings fellow Automower fans! My name is John D'Artois living in Florida. There is one hectare of mowing area in lawn. Due to devastating hurricanes and the solar on my roof it is wise not to have trees growing too near the house so there is a big lawn. Currently two Automower 315 robots are mowing about half of it. Using the ego 21" mower initially I injured my knee so had to rely on the robots. They are wonderful! You all know their many virtues. One of the main advantages is that I built a net zero solar powered house for my one man monastery, and there is surplus so
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